My life has really changed

It has been awhile since I have done any posts and even looked at my blog. My last post was in July 2015, I was a stay at home Mum, I got to do something crafty every day and I seem to have endless free time on my hands.

Oh how things have changed.

I decide to use some of my free time to do some studying to get my Certificate III in Childcare. This new journey of mine seem to take over all my free time, time spent on crafts now was spent working and studying. I have had a great time and have loved every minute of it. I am now a Childcare educator with a Cert III and crazily I have just started on my Diploma.

I have been trying to decide what to to with my blog and come to realize I still do crafty things just a little different from what I use to do. So my post will be fewer and now more children based crafty things I make for work. I hope you like the different Wen Crafting.



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