Chair Makeover

This past week had me busy with a lot of customer orders. Customer orders are the best, knowing what I am making is what someone will want is better than just making an item questioning myself if anyone will like it.

wen crafting chair (4)

One of the items I made this week was a new chair cover. I loved this chair as soon as I saw it and the owner was a very lucky lady to have it returned. I kept looking at this chair thinking there was something so familiar about it but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. After my sister saw the chair the one word that put it all in place for me was “Orange”.

My Nanna had one of these chairs but the Fluffy seat was a bright orange.

Well this chairs fluff was to go and be replace with a new cover.

wen crafting chair (3) wen crafting chair (2)

The foam was still in great condition so the first layer was this natural cotton.

wen crafting chair (1) wen crafting chair (7)

Next was the crochet cover, the back of the cushion still had it’s paper label on it so the crochet cover is tied on so it won’t mark the paper. 

wen crafting chair (5) wen crafting chair (6)

The Crochet top is in a cotton tape and in a pattern that I love. This flower makes a appearance on one of my chairs also. 

All done with a new lease on life.



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