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Tuesdays nights are my nights to go out to a craft class. I get to sit there and have someone tell me what we are going to do and what the next step is. This might seem a strange thing to do as I craft a lot, but I find it great to sit back, just enjoy creating something and not over thing it. Which is something we all do as crafters, over think it.

Along with the craft there is a great bunch of ladies to see and chat with each week. One of those ladies gave me a chocolate free Easter gift this year which set me off on my new lot of creations.


With this gift of string (pictured on the right above) I turned it in to a basket (on the left).

wencrafting stringbaskets (1)

But then I could stop. Working with the twine is a lot harder as it is not as soft and smooth  but the smell is great and I felt I was back at the farm while working on each piece.

wencrafting stringbaskets (3)

Plain twine with a label to write on.

wencrafting stringbaskets (2)

Twine on the bottom and string on the top.

wencrafting stringbaskets (4)

and finally twine and string blended together.



Height Chart


We have moved a lot and I mean a lot.

By the time we started having children we slowed down on moving, but in saying that my son is 9 now and has lived in 8 different houses already. With only 4 of them being our own home we have braved the rentals also. So the one thing I always wanted to do of marking a door frame with my kids heights was a no go for us. When Jack was little I started a fabric wall hanging that we used as a height chart but the fabric became dirty. Not being able to wash it in fear of some height marks washing off was making it look a little gross so I finally made a wooden take with us chart.

My sister loved our height chart and put an order in for a Bell family one so I thought I would show how it was done. Tan’s furniture is a darker brown so I use the same darker stain as the stool but added some water to lighten it enough to see pen marks.

.   Wencrafting Height Chart (8)

Next is the painting which I love, the repetitiveness of all those line was something I enjoyed, weird I know but I love having a pattern to work with.

Wencrafting Height Chart (7) Wencrafting Height Chart (4) Wencrafting Height Chart (6) Wencrafting Height Chart (2)

So it’s as easy as that, three hours of painting. Now it’s ready for delivery.

Wencrafting Height Chart (1)


Dining Table Revamp.

wencrafting table revamp (7)

My dining table has given us a lot of good years but it was starting to show the wear and tear of our family. Cup ring marks, colouring oops that had left the page, shadow writing where the heavy writer had left indents on the table and the general knocks and scratches. So I felt it was time for a revamp and after I had seen a Pin of a table with stenciling on it I wanted it give my table a bit more character.

So this is what I did.

  wencrafting table revamp (8) wencrafting table revamp (1) wencrafting table revamp (2)

To start with I sanded back the top and gave the base and legs a light sand. I changed the stain to a deeper Indain Tea and gave it two coats. The base and legs got a primer coat and two top coats of a leftover cream paint my husband had from a job. It is  great to have a handyman around, all the calls I made to him while standing in Bunnings was helpful as I had no idea what to get.

wencrafting table revamp (3) wencrafting table revamp (4)

Next was the design, I really liked a pattern I found online so I printed it out to make a rough stencil. I wanted the pattern to be uniformed and have a hand painted feeling at the same time. So to get that I marked out the stencil with chalk as it is easy to wipe off and then hand painted the pattern in. I finished the design off with a thin line on the inside. All the design was done in the same cream as the base and legs. I love that the lines are a little crooked and the pattern is different thickness, it gave me the hand painted feeling I wanted.  

wencrafting table revamp (5) wencrafting table revamp (6)

With some coats of vanish to finish it off my family were happy to get the dining table back after it’s 5 days in time out.  Next is the chairs and I’m thinking these may take me a while. Looks like we are standing to eat.

wencrafting table revamp (7)


Bunch of weeds

wencrafting bunch of weeds (3)

I think every Mum gets those lovely bunches of flowers that are really weeds and that big smile to go with it.

wencrafting bunch of weeds (4)

The next comment from my little one is “put it in water Mum”. The problem with most the weeds/flowers I receive are that they have very short stems. I found these little milk bottles are a great size to hold them.

  wencrafting bunch of weeds (5)

Weeds seem to have a very short life and fade as the day goes on. My weeds get a added pretty boost with this cover so once they start wilting the vase still looks pretty.

wencrafting bunch of weeds (1) wencrafting bunch of weeds (2)

Once the flowers have gone it is easy to remove the cover as it has an elastic top. Wash the bottle and then slip the cover back on. Now ready for the next lot of flowers.


Summer Dining

wen crafting food covers (8)

I love Summer time for the outside dining. Sitting out the back in the afternoon watching the sunset is a great time of day and ending it with dinner outside completes the summer life for us. But the one thing that freaks me out are flies on the food. Now hubby said my idea of completely fly screening the outdoor area will lose the outside effect. He may have a point but I am not telling him that, so the next best thing for me is food covers.

These lovely food covers are also a great way to brighten up the table. wen crafting food covers (1) wen crafting food covers (2)


wen crafting food covers (7) wen crafting food covers (6)


wen crafting food covers (4) wen crafting food covers (3)


wen crafting food covers (5)

And my favorite dandelions.


Crochet Time

wen crafting clock (1)

I have just finished these clocks and it has been fun having a play around with crocheting doilies. I have never crochet a doily before and knew I needed to end up with 12 points on the outside ring, so I started my search for a pattern. Sadly I was unable to find what I was looking for as all the designs seem to have 8 or 10 points on the outside, so it looked like I was going to be making it up as I go along. This is always what I enjoy the most, crocheting without a pattern. The one down side to this is that I don’t make notes as I am going and seem to be only able to make kind of the same items never identical.

wen crafting clock (2)

Adding the doilies to fabric, placing them in the wooden hoops and inserting the clock bits it all seem to come together nicely. Now they are sitting in my craft room ready for the next markets.

wen crafting clock (3)

I now have no excuse for being late as there is clocks everywhere.


Starched Fabric Wall Art

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (1)

I was looking forward to setting up my daughters room once we moved back into our own home. Knowing that I could paint walls, put in nails to hang picture was a little bit of a rush after renting for 2 years when we were away. I set about picking a theme that would suit her and I liked the idea of lots of colours and butterflies all around her walls. I have seen wall decals of flying butterflies in black and pinks but I wanted more colour in her room and the pricing had me wondering if it was worth it. I could paint them on but knew I would be changing her room to a new theme as she got older so what I did needed to be removed easily. The solution to all my crafting blocks is Pinterest, I honestly don’t know what I did before this. I found some ladies putting fabric on the wall by ironing it on. This was not such a good idea as ironing and me don’t go well together and adding a painted wall would not end well. I found some pins that used starch to stick the fabric to the wall and after some tries, fails and changes to the recipes I finally got it right and very happy with the results.

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (2)

They start from the power point and go up to the top of the wall and split to go in both directions around the room meeting over her name.

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (3)

I added some circles to the wall above her dresses and after they had set I hot glued some buttons to spell out her name.