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Balloon Balls

wencrafting balloon balls (2)

Well the school holidays are long over and it’s feels like the next lot wont be far away.

Our holidays are normally a lot of traveling and day trips. Either a weekend away, a trip to see family, day trip exploring and even days at the beach. That many that I feel I am always packing the car. By the end of the breaks I seem to have it to an art form and only forget to pack one or two major items each time. Who really needs their own hair brush when we can share and we do need new tooth brushes anyway.

wencrafting balloon balls (1)

One of the key items I was not able to forget was something to play, this was solved by me always having the kids balloon ball covers in the car seat pockets with a handful of balloon ready to go.

wencrafting balloon balls (4)

Now the not so easy solved is as soon as we back out the drive way “I’m hungry Mum, is there any food.” and then “When are we going to stop, I need to pee.” admittedly the second one was not always asked from the back seat.


Starched Fabric Wall Art

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (1)

I was looking forward to setting up my daughters room once we moved back into our own home. Knowing that I could paint walls, put in nails to hang picture was a little bit of a rush after renting for 2 years when we were away. I set about picking a theme that would suit her and I liked the idea of lots of colours and butterflies all around her walls. I have seen wall decals of flying butterflies in black and pinks but I wanted more colour in her room and the pricing had me wondering if it was worth it. I could paint them on but knew I would be changing her room to a new theme as she got older so what I did needed to be removed easily. The solution to all my crafting blocks is Pinterest, I honestly don’t know what I did before this. I found some ladies putting fabric on the wall by ironing it on. This was not such a good idea as ironing and me don’t go well together and adding a painted wall would not end well. I found some pins that used starch to stick the fabric to the wall and after some tries, fails and changes to the recipes I finally got it right and very happy with the results.

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (2)

They start from the power point and go up to the top of the wall and split to go in both directions around the room meeting over her name.

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (3)

I added some circles to the wall above her dresses and after they had set I hot glued some buttons to spell out her name.