Monthly Archives: April 2015


Tuesdays nights are my nights to go out to a craft class. I get to sit there and have someone tell me what we are going to do and what the next step is. This might seem a strange thing to do as I craft a lot, but I find it great to sit back, just enjoy creating something and not over thing it. Which is something we all do as crafters, over think it.

Along with the craft there is a great bunch of ladies to see and chat with each week. One of those ladies gave me a chocolate free Easter gift this year which set me off on my new lot of creations.


With this gift of string (pictured on the right above) I turned it in to a basket (on the left).

wencrafting stringbaskets (1)

But then I could stop. Working with the twine is a lot harder as it is not as soft and smooth  but the smell is great and I felt I was back at the farm while working on each piece.

wencrafting stringbaskets (3)

Plain twine with a label to write on.

wencrafting stringbaskets (2)

Twine on the bottom and string on the top.

wencrafting stringbaskets (4)

and finally twine and string blended together.