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Height Chart


We have moved a lot and I mean a lot.

By the time we started having children we slowed down on moving, but in saying that my son is 9 now and has lived in 8 different houses already. With only 4 of them being our own home we have braved the rentals also. So the one thing I always wanted to do of marking a door frame with my kids heights was a no go for us. When Jack was little I started a fabric wall hanging that we used as a height chart but the fabric became dirty. Not being able to wash it in fear of some height marks washing off was making it look a little gross so I finally made a wooden take with us chart.

My sister loved our height chart and put an order in for a Bell family one so I thought I would show how it was done. Tan’s furniture is a darker brown so I use the same darker stain as the stool but added some water to lighten it enough to see pen marks.

.   Wencrafting Height Chart (8)

Next is the painting which I love, the repetitiveness of all those line was something I enjoyed, weird I know but I love having a pattern to work with.

Wencrafting Height Chart (7) Wencrafting Height Chart (4) Wencrafting Height Chart (6) Wencrafting Height Chart (2)

So it’s as easy as that, three hours of painting. Now it’s ready for delivery.

Wencrafting Height Chart (1)


Balloon Balls

wencrafting balloon balls (2)

Well the school holidays are long over and it’s feels like the next lot wont be far away.

Our holidays are normally a lot of traveling and day trips. Either a weekend away, a trip to see family, day trip exploring and even days at the beach. That many that I feel I am always packing the car. By the end of the breaks I seem to have it to an art form and only forget to pack one or two major items each time. Who really needs their own hair brush when we can share and we do need new tooth brushes anyway.

wencrafting balloon balls (1)

One of the key items I was not able to forget was something to play, this was solved by me always having the kids balloon ball covers in the car seat pockets with a handful of balloon ready to go.

wencrafting balloon balls (4)

Now the not so easy solved is as soon as we back out the drive way “I’m hungry Mum, is there any food.” and then “When are we going to stop, I need to pee.” admittedly the second one was not always asked from the back seat.



Here is some exciting news from Wen Crafting.

The Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery Gift Shop now has a small range of my crochet gifts for sale.

brag photo

I have to admit I was thrilled when contacted out of nowhere asking if I would like to stock my items in the gift shop. For the next 3 months my items would be on display in the hope some might sell. My excitement turned into a little happy dance when I was asked for more stock after two weeks. So Little Miss and I drop some more stock off today and had a look through the Gift shop. 

If you are a Bundaberg local and are enjoying a visit to the Art Gallery, drop into the gift shop to check out my and other local crafters/artist items.