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Happy 40th


My sister has turned the grand age of 40.


That is how I was going to leave this post but thought I better not, she is helpful to have around. So I will share a little bit of love here and show you what I gave her for her Birthday.

wencraftingh happy 40th (1) wencraftingh happy 40th (2)

Now I was thinking that turning 40 may be hard on her and me making this wonderful gift will help her through it. I got my inspiration once again from pinterest. There are lots of ideas for turning 30 so I just added 10 years and a couple of items that suited Tanya.

wencraftingh happy 40th (5)

Give yourself a makeover- makeup

Have a sleep over- PJ’s

Dance the night away- Shoes(Tanya has a small shoes addiction)

Play dress ups- Jewellery

Take hours in the bathroom- Bath salts

Have a facial- Avocado

Build a sandcastle at the beach- Beach bag (hand bag addiction also)

wencraftingh happy 40th (4) wencraftingh happy 40th (3)

Pig out on lollies & Get a new hair do.

And finally a bottle of wine and glass- When all else fails have a glass of wine.

Happy Birthday Tanya.