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Dining Table Revamp.

wencrafting table revamp (7)

My dining table has given us a lot of good years but it was starting to show the wear and tear of our family. Cup ring marks, colouring oops that had left the page, shadow writing where the heavy writer had left indents on the table and the general knocks and scratches. So I felt it was time for a revamp and after I had seen a Pin of a table with stenciling on it I wanted it give my table a bit more character.

So this is what I did.

  wencrafting table revamp (8) wencrafting table revamp (1) wencrafting table revamp (2)

To start with I sanded back the top and gave the base and legs a light sand. I changed the stain to a deeper Indain Tea and gave it two coats. The base and legs got a primer coat and two top coats of a leftover cream paint my husband had from a job. It is  great to have a handyman around, all the calls I made to him while standing in Bunnings was helpful as I had no idea what to get.

wencrafting table revamp (3) wencrafting table revamp (4)

Next was the design, I really liked a pattern I found online so I printed it out to make a rough stencil. I wanted the pattern to be uniformed and have a hand painted feeling at the same time. So to get that I marked out the stencil with chalk as it is easy to wipe off and then hand painted the pattern in. I finished the design off with a thin line on the inside. All the design was done in the same cream as the base and legs. I love that the lines are a little crooked and the pattern is different thickness, it gave me the hand painted feeling I wanted.  

wencrafting table revamp (5) wencrafting table revamp (6)

With some coats of vanish to finish it off my family were happy to get the dining table back after it’s 5 days in time out.  Next is the chairs and I’m thinking these may take me a while. Looks like we are standing to eat.

wencrafting table revamp (7)


Wonder Woman Shoes

wencrafting wonderwoman (2)

A while ago my Little Miss had a Super Hero dress up day at Day Care. I was trying to think of a girl super hero of recent times and for the life of me I couldn’t. I am sure there is one but with one night to have an outfit ready, time wasn’t on my side. So the next best thing was to go with my favourite girl super hero,Wonder Woman.

wencrafting wonderwoman (3)

This idea was really easy to do as my coffee cups in the house are Wonder Woman, so with a coffee cup in hand I start to create. The skirt was first with some blue tulle and gluing some white felt star on. Some more felt for the head and arm bands, we dug out a cape from the dress up box and it was all coming together nicely. With one of Ed’s old red shirts I painted the wonder woman symbol on and lastly the shoes…  

wencrafting wonderwoman (1) wencrafting wonderwoman (4)

This is what I enjoyed doing the most, the shoes. After finishing late in to the night I gave them a spray with a clear canvas varnish the next morning and she was all ready to go.

I like them so much I am thinking of making myself a pair.


Bunch of weeds

wencrafting bunch of weeds (3)

I think every Mum gets those lovely bunches of flowers that are really weeds and that big smile to go with it.

wencrafting bunch of weeds (4)

The next comment from my little one is “put it in water Mum”. The problem with most the weeds/flowers I receive are that they have very short stems. I found these little milk bottles are a great size to hold them.

  wencrafting bunch of weeds (5)

Weeds seem to have a very short life and fade as the day goes on. My weeds get a added pretty boost with this cover so once they start wilting the vase still looks pretty.

wencrafting bunch of weeds (1) wencrafting bunch of weeds (2)

Once the flowers have gone it is easy to remove the cover as it has an elastic top. Wash the bottle and then slip the cover back on. Now ready for the next lot of flowers.