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Crochet Time

wen crafting clock (1)

I have just finished these clocks and it has been fun having a play around with crocheting doilies. I have never crochet a doily before and knew I needed to end up with 12 points on the outside ring, so I started my search for a pattern. Sadly I was unable to find what I was looking for as all the designs seem to have 8 or 10 points on the outside, so it looked like I was going to be making it up as I go along. This is always what I enjoy the most, crocheting without a pattern. The one down side to this is that I don’t make notes as I am going and seem to be only able to make kind of the same items never identical.

wen crafting clock (2)

Adding the doilies to fabric, placing them in the wooden hoops and inserting the clock bits it all seem to come together nicely. Now they are sitting in my craft room ready for the next markets.

wen crafting clock (3)

I now have no excuse for being late as there is clocks everywhere.


Wine Time

Wen Crafting Wine Time (3)

A while ago my sister had her Stampin’ Up! catalogue launch “Spring time in Paris” and she asked me to make up some Wine Cup Cozies to give out to her guest as little thank you gifts. To go along with the cup cozies I made some matching Wine bag and cup cozies sets for her decorations. I was really happy how they turned out.

  Wen Crafting Wine Time (2)

The one size cup cozies fits on different size wine cups with an elastic band at the top and buttons at the bottom.

Wen Crafting Wine Time (5) Wen Crafting Wine Time (1)

The wine bags are really handy with big handles and can stretch to fit many size wine bottles which makes it easy to carry to parties. I find putting my wine in the fridge with the bag still on helps to see my bottle when it’s time to refill my glass or sending hubby to refill my glass.


Starched Fabric Wall Art

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (1)

I was looking forward to setting up my daughters room once we moved back into our own home. Knowing that I could paint walls, put in nails to hang picture was a little bit of a rush after renting for 2 years when we were away. I set about picking a theme that would suit her and I liked the idea of lots of colours and butterflies all around her walls. I have seen wall decals of flying butterflies in black and pinks but I wanted more colour in her room and the pricing had me wondering if it was worth it. I could paint them on but knew I would be changing her room to a new theme as she got older so what I did needed to be removed easily. The solution to all my crafting blocks is Pinterest, I honestly don’t know what I did before this. I found some ladies putting fabric on the wall by ironing it on. This was not such a good idea as ironing and me don’t go well together and adding a painted wall would not end well. I found some pins that used starch to stick the fabric to the wall and after some tries, fails and changes to the recipes I finally got it right and very happy with the results.

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (2)

They start from the power point and go up to the top of the wall and split to go in both directions around the room meeting over her name.

wen crafting strached fabric wall art (3)

I added some circles to the wall above her dresses and after they had set I hot glued some buttons to spell out her name.