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Cactus Pincushions

wencrafting cactus

I was really surprised how well these little guys sold at my last market and they were made at the last minute just to see if I could sell one. All bar one found a home that weekend, with people studying them before picking one they felt was smiling just right. They all seemed to have turned out a little different from each other, even with one looking a little grumpy. WencraftingCactus guy

Beside my chair I have this really handy magazine stand that is at a great level of my drink when I’m crocheting, it also stores my spare crochet needle, scissors, needles and stuff. Now the needles were stuck in a blob of blue-tac which was not so handy, that is why I made myself a little cactus guy. I loved him so it was good to see others loved them and worth the few late nights to finish them it time.

wencrafting cactus 1

I have made a new batch of guys for my next markets and had lined them up as I finished them. I asked my son what he though and it was pointed out to me that not all the eyes were the same (My son never seems to understand how to answer these questions with the needed “they’re great mum” answer, but I will keep training him). So to fix this I made some glasses for the guys with the eye problems.

wencrafting wire 1

Just with some wire and my tongue stuck at the right angle I made these.

wencrafting cactus guy 1

Now all done and ready to go.