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Shoe Fun


It is a fact that my daughter has a large amount of shoes. So there was no surprise that for her     birthday I would get her some new ones. With her birthday theme of Peppa Pig this year I set about painting her a pair of shoes as I was unable to find any shoes with Peppa on them.


 Ed’s loved her shoes and after a while gave up watching her feet and pointing out Peppa or George with each step she took. Yes there were some injuries with this.

After seeing his sisters shoes and declaring that they turned out pretty good(a big complement from my son), Jack had decided he wanted a pair. Jack is a little Minecrafted mad so it was not surprise that that was the theme he wanted.


By now I was feeling pretty confident that they were turning out OK as my son is a straight talker and readily tells me “ that doesn’t look that good Mum” and these seem to have passed the test.

My nephew’s birthday was coming up so I challenged myself to try a pair of Adventure time for him. Now the biggest challenge was working out who the characters were.

  IMG_0757 IMG_0756

I will now admit that the show is the weirdest thing every and I am still unable to get any of the names straight.

Thinking this was it as all the kids now had a pair I was surprised when handed a pair of shoes from my niece asking for a painted pair also. Looks like teenagers would wear them also.

IMG_0758 IMG_0761

So from ones side it looks like she is a Elmo fan and from the other side a Cookie Monster fan.



Cup Cozies

I am having so much fun making these coffee cup cozies or in Ed’s case leg warmers. I had made some reindeer ones for the kids to use for Christmas. I don’t let them drink coffee yet, but really considering it to get Jack going for school some mornings. What they are really for is for the kid’s water bottles as they fit on them also and Jack loves when I make anything that is not girly that he wants one.

wencrocheting cup cozies(4)   

I found Ed sporting her new leg warmers and grab a quick shot of her so sorry the rest of her looks a mess.

 I am hitting the shops tomorrow to get more yarn as I have many more ideas I would like to make before the market.

wencrocheting cup cozies (1)  

 Here are some Christmas ones.

  wencrocheting cup cozies (2)

Fun ones

wencrocheting cup cozies (3)

And boy ones.


Clip it

We have hair!

Well more than ever before and finally enough to hold a clip. All the hair brushes we have are getting used now even if it is to sing into or for eating. I am not looking forward to the torture of Ed wanting to brush my hair as I still have phantom pains from the days of my niece brushing my hair. I do however feel a little remorse for the pain I may have inflicted on others when I was young.

  wencrocheting flower clips (2)

The little clips I have made for Ed are really light as the hair she has cannot hold to much weight in it as yet.

wencrocheting flower clips (1)

Here are some of the different colours of the flower clip that I have all ready to go for The Handmade Expo market. I am getting excited with just 2 weeks today to go.



I have jus completed 250 sets of earrings for my first market.

wencrocheting earings

Now 250 sounds like a lot but after narrowing it down to 13 colours and 5 styles.

 I decided on 2 options in earrings findings, silver and bronze.

wencrocherting sets

Then  making 2 sets in each style, colour and finding I ended p with 250 before I knew it.

wencrocheting box earrings

Well there was more made, every time I liked a set I had to made an extra set for myself.