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She’s A Little Princess

Most of the things I like to make for Ed come from either TV or the books we are reading.

wencrocheting Tiara

This little crown was made just after Ed was born. We had the great hand-me-down exchange happen between the cousin and one of the books that was handed down was I Want My Potty by Tony Ross.

wencrocheting i want ny potty (1)

As you can see it is a well loved book.

So I wanted to make a crown for Ed but after looking online I realised what I wanted was a headband not a crown, so this tiara is want I ended up making. After making a new one each time Ed’s head grew I started making her headbands adjustable to get a longer wear out of them.

wencrocheting Tiaras wencrocheting ajustable Tiara

Now every time Ed puts the Crown/Tiara on I start sing the Little Princess theme song.